General Info

Bed Categories:

The following bed categories are available and will be allotted depending on your choice or availability or entitlement in case of patients covered under insurance schemes, or corporate agreements.

Visiting Hours:

Morning : 8am to 9am and Evening: 4pm to 6pm
ICU Timing: Evening : 4pm to 5pm

You may nominee one responsible person to meet the doctor to know about the treatment, during morning hours. Many relatives meeting the doctor at different times make it difficult for the doctor to render efficient medical care to all his patients. The person so nominated should inform all other family members and other well-wishers regarding your treatment and progress.


Only two visitors can visit at a time. Please avoid overcrowding in a room. Visitors should stay with the patient for a very brief period of about 15 minutes only. It is advisable that very young children should avoid visiting the hospital frequently.

The nursing staff can request quiet time for the patient at any time depending on the patient’s health. Visitors are required to respect the nurses instructions.

Night Entry: The main entrance will remain closed at night. The casualty / emergency entrance may be used at night.

Admission Procedure:

Please show the admission advice at the time of admission counter. Kindly fill up the forms given to you and submit any insurance papers that are required to be processed. If you undergo a surgical or invasive procedure, you are required to sign a Consent Form. please make sure you have been explained the contents and have understood it before you sign it.

Advance Deposit:

An advance amount is to be deposited at the time of admission. The amount depends on the type of bed and treatment / surgery you will be undergoing. Please obtain this information from the admission desk prior to your admission date to make arrangements for necessary funds. Please obtain a receipt for amount deposited. When this amount is about to be exhausted during the course of your treatment in the hospital, the hospital Guest Relations Executives (GREs) will inform you to make further deposits to cover remaining expenses.

In-patient Assistance:

After the admission formalities are over and the bed is allotted, you will be escorted to the room and introduced to the ward nurse and inpatient guest relations executive (GRE) who will assist you throughout your stay in the hospital.

Daycare patients will be escorted to the Daycare Ward which has beds in an open ward under the direct supervision of nursing staff so that they can observe and interact with you properly.

Things you should bring with you:

Things you should not bring:

Security of your valuables cannot be ensured and the hospital authorities do not undertake any responsibility for loss or theft of your personal belongings.


The entire hospital is a No Smoking Area. Chewing paan, tobacco, gutkha, jarda is prohibited in the hospital premises.

Food and nutrition:

The hospital catering service will provide all meals to you. The hospital supplies your diet as per standard menu. This is not charged separately. Endeavor will be made to supply extra items at extra cost as per your desire, provided this is approved by the dietician. However, this may not always be possible. Special diets as advised by your doctor will be provided under the guidance of the dietician.   Please do not bring any eatables from outside. If you are going for any special investigations, your meal timings may be delayed. If you are to be operated upon, you may not be allowed any food on the day of the surgery and a couple of days thereafter.

Discharge Procedures:

Usually your doctor will inform you a day in advance about your discharge so you can make arrangements for leaving the hospital. All care is taken to ensure the patient discharges takes place in the minimum time possible. However, it is advisable to get in touch with the floor coordinator once your doctor advises discharge for your patient.

Your relative or care giver will need to complete the following:

Collect the discharge summary which contains information on your medical condition and treatment. Collect medicines if any.

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